Friday, 5 December 2008

Shopping Trip

Had some "fun" in one of those "super cheapo" stores the other week. I can't stand the place, but if you're prepared to wade through the clowns within, there are certain items you can pick up and avoid paying twice the price elsewhere.

Imagine my dismay when it all went a bit aggro, at the hands of what must have been a four year old girl.

There I was, my son in the pram, his only crime presumably looking healthy and smiling - can't have that! He's supposed to look malnourished and underfed!

You know when you see something out the corner of your eye, but you're not quite sure if it really happened? I was checking out the dog treats, vaguely aware of a small girl who - wait, did she just - hit him?

No, surely not. Got a good look at it - typical sullen faced brat, big round glasses, looking an unhealthy shade of off-white. Off it wandered back to craggy looking granny, and I went back to grabbing my shopping.

A few minutes later I was elsewhere in the store looking for the last things I had to get - looked down, and sure enough, there it was - no doubt this time, it sort of slapped his chest, then tried to unclip the safety button holding his straps together, then (when that didn't work) leaned over and stuck her tongue out at him, a real nasty face to go with it.

I swatted it away with the pram, telling it to bugger off. Then I waited....and waited....till the gran and her feral scum were at the till with loads of other shoppers for maximum impact. Then I went over and said "You want to watch her, she poked my son in the eye" to the horror of random people in the store. Cue lots of yelling and tellings-off and (most hilariously) an apology.

Little shit.

I wonder how many times she did this to other kids in their prams and nobody thought to pull someone up about it. What has this country come to when you're near paralysed with strange feelings of rage because of a four year old kid?

Good to see it's started as it means to go on though...

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